Weddings: let us crown your great day

eskuvo05The historical city centre of Kecskemét can provide a particularly exclusive venue for your wedding, which our hotel can enrich with romantic moments to create the uniqueness and magic that will make your great day truly unforgettable!

From a discreet “mini” wedding up to 150 guests

This day is different from all the others: the wedding and the reception afterwards are events that follow a serious decision which forms a lifelong bond between two people. This is the day that may once have seemed so remote, and which yet brings back lively memories of the first meeting, date, touch, and kiss.

Together with invited guests, family members, friends, and colleagues you can relive the events that led up to the wedding, the moments of a relationship which first blossomed, then turned serious, and was finally crowned by the present day.

Our professional staff is your guarantee...

eskuvo04Dear young couple,

Thank you for honouring with your interest the Aranyhomok Business-City-Wellness Hotel, which has already catered for the weddings of countless young couples. Our professional staff is the guarantee that your wedding remain a memory for a lifetime, and shall also relieve you of the burden of the weeks and months filled with organising details that precede it..

Let this day really stand out from the rest

At the Aranyhomok Business-City-Wellness Hotel we will make this day and the accompanying ceremony a complete and pleasant experience according to your wishes, arranging your stay and the perfect wedding.

We wish you happy planning and much joy!