Our offers for wedding menu

Classic wedding banquet menu

  • Újházi chicken soup with homemade noodles and fresh vegetables
  • Beef stew with boiled salty potatoes, homemade buttery dumplings, and mixed salad
  • Wedding grill platter: breaded pork medallions, grilled chicken breast, rolled turkey breast stuffed with savoury cream cheese in batter, grilled fish fillets and garden greens with blue cheese sauce, breaded mushrooms, cheese, and cauliflower with tartare sauce, rice and peas, and French fries

Romantic menu

  • “Mancatcher” soup with butter and dill dumplings and lemon
  • Crépes á la Hortobágy filled with meat, with velvety paprika sauce
  • Bacon-wrapped pork medallions with steamed vegetables and creamed potatoes, pullet strips served with tagliatelle alla gorgonzola
  • Chocolate soufflé with raspberry jelly and mint leaves
  • Creme coffee

Exclusive menu

  • Bouillon served in a cup with crunchy garden vegetables
  • Grilled Pike Perch fillet with lemongrass sauce and spaghetti
  • Pork Wellington, pullet breast stuffed with savoury cream cheese, served with potato cakes, mushrooms stuffed with ewe’s cottage cheese, served on a bed of vegetable rice
  • Homemade parfait flavoured with sweet Tokaji dessert wine, with fruits
  • Creme coffee

Drinks: á la carte, or upon request we can create any type of drink package, even with unlimited consumption.